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About Father Khoury

I was born in Bakacafra January 5, 1950, Lebanon, the seventh child of Boutros and Nazha Khoury Makhlouf of a family that has continuously has a priest in the Family who used to serve Church and teach the new generations of writing and reading. In my childhood, many used to ask me if I will be a priest, to continue the tradition of the Family. I never refused, but in my mind, I have to study a lot because I had many questions not every one could answered me. More than that, I used to hear the complaining of many priests of the situation. I was reluctant that influenced my studies. Finally I was involved with different laity movements. They helped me to deepen my faith.

Father Khoury

About Saint Sharbel Maronite

Saint Sharbel was born on May 8, 1828 in a Lebanese village called Bekaa Kafra. Saint Sharbel’s father died when he was three years old. Saint Sharbel’s mother later remarried a man who went on to seek Holy Orders and became the parish priest of the village. For Saint Sharbel, he learned piety, prayer and studied the lives of saints.

He entered St. Maron Monastery in Lebanon in 1853 and lived there as a monk and priest for 16 years. Then, hearing the call of God to a life of greater solitude and prayer, he was given permission to become a hermit. For the next 23 years he gave himself in total dedication to God and the Church in his hermitage by a life rooted in the Scriptures, love for the Eucharist and the Mother of God.


Worship Service

7:00 pm – Bible Study

5:30 pm – The Holy Rosary
6:00 pm – Divine Liturgy

5:30 pm – The Holy Rosary
6:00 pm – Divine Liturgy

Feast Day of Obligation


On the occasion of his beatification in 1965, the Eastern Catholic hermit was described by Pope Paul VI as “ a new, eminent member of monastic sanctity,” who “through his example and his intercession is enriching the entire Christian people.”

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